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Frequently Asked Questions

How long are the sessions? How many sessions do I need?

Individual and group sessions are typically 60 minutes long. Workshops can range from 60 to 90 minutes.

There isn't a set number of sessions for a full mental skills training program. I generally work with my clients until they no longer require my assistance. The number of sessions varies based on factors like needs, goals and availabilities.

When is the best time to start mental performance consulting?

If there is a specific goal to achieve, like a competition, an exam, a presentation or even a full season for example, it is important to start months in advance, so we can optimally build a plan as well as develop and master mental skills. However, it is never too late to ask for help. 

When are you available? How do I book an appointment?

Since my schedule is variable from week to week, it is best to contact me directly via phone call or e-mail to fix an appointment. I usually work from Mondays to Fridays between 9 AM and 6 PM. 

How much do mental performance consulting sessions cost?

I offer hourly rates, multiple-session packages, as well as group rates. To have specific information about pricing, contact me directly via phone call or e-mail. 

I am not from Montreal, can I still benefit from your services?

I am currently located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. However, individual sessions can be offered via Zoom as well. If you have a strong and steady internet connection, we can communicate from anywhere in the world!

Is there a minimum age required to benefit from your mental performance consulting services?

No, there isn't. However, clients under the age of 14 need to obtain consent from a parent or legal guardian.

I want to work with you, but I don't want my parents or my coach to know. Is it possible?

As mentioned above, clients under the age of 14 need to obtain consent from a parent or legal guardian.

In all other cases, the client-consultant relationship can be kept private as per my confidentiality policy*. 

Who have you worked with? Do you have a specialization?

The identity of my clients needs to be kept confidential. However, to give you an idea, here is a list of contexts that some of my clients perform in: Canadian Armed Forces, high school volleyball/baseball/basketball, CEGEP basketball/soccer/hockey, university basketball/volleyball, professional football, competitive swimming/weightlifting/golf, mixed martial arts, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, cheerleading, race car driving and more. I do not specialize in a particular context, but I mostly work with high-level athletes, even though it isn't a requirement.

Do you offer online consultations for local clients?

Absolutely. Although I do prefer meeting my clients in person, I offer consultations via online platforms when it is more convenient. The consultation fees remain the same.

If you have questions that have not been answered above, do not hesitate to contact me directly.

*All clients have to read and sign a confidentiality agreement which includes specific exceptions.

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