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My Services



I offer one-on-one sessions for performers who want a personalized approach.

In this process, we work together to develop mental skills and implement strategies that are context-specific to achieve performance and/or personal goals.

It is important to note that the client's active participation and full commitment are needed in order to observe optimal changes. 

Individual consultations can take place in person or via Zoom.



I offer group sessions for people who perform in similar contexts.

The purpose is to encourage critical thinking and self-reflection through facilitated discussions as a group. 

The topics are selected according to the participants' needs. Of course, the involvement of all members is required to generate meaningful and productive conversations.

The size of the group can range from 4 to 10 individuals.



I offer workshops for large groups of performers. 
The aim is to teach the general concepts related to a specific mental skill or performance psychology topic. 

The topics can vary from a single mental skill like goal-setting to a more specific subject like return to sport after a serious injury. They are selected in advance based on the needs of the group.

A minimum of 10 participants is required for workshops.


Optimal Team Functioning

I offer services for teams and organizations that have the desire to optimize their team functioning which can, in turn, have productive effects on team performance. This year-long process aims to explore the dynamics of a group and to implement strategies to improve them. The following elements are examples of topics that can be addressed: communication, leadership, conflict resolution, role clarity, team culture, etc.


Most of my work is done in the performance context itself whether it is for observation or intervention.

* Services can be offered in English or in French.

Visit the FAQ page for more information!

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